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how to become a nurse in Nigeria


Applicants must undergo 3 years training in an approved School of Nursing in Nigeria,must have clinical experience in accredited hospitals with approved 90% Attendance. And must sit for the Council’s Professional Examinations and successfully pass. Payment of current registration and licencing fees if applicant is successful in the Council’s Professional Examination, Registered and licensed to practice as a nurse.


If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse, a career in nursing comes with the guarantee of stable work, competitive salaries, and the great satisfaction of knowing you have made a real impact on your life. Patients who have. However, it is important to note that her potential career paths and positions vary, and each has its own education and training requirements.


The two nursing professions that are often thought of side by side are Registered Nurse (RN) and Nurse Practitioner (NP). But do you really understand the difference between these roles? Here’s a breakdown of their day-to-day duties, training and certification requirements, and salaries.


What do Registered Nurses (RNs) do?


The specific tasks performed by registered nurses each day vary greatly depending on where they work, the size of their team, and the number of people they serve, but despite the fact that no two days are truly the same One thing is true.


Places where a registered nurse work


  1. Hospital Or Clinical Setting, or Clinical Setting,
  2. work in schools,
  3. Assisted Living Facilities,
  4. In Patient Homes,
  5. Large Corporations,
  6. In The Military,



The primary role of a qualified registered nurse is as follows:


  • Patient assessment
  • Identify patient needs
  • Implementation of medical plan

Duties and Responsibilities of a registered nurse performs


  1. Assessing and observing patients
  2. Recording patient medical history and symptoms in detail
  3. Creating, implementing, and evaluating patient care plans with the medical team
  4. Drawing blood, urine samples, and other body fluids for lab work
  5. Administering and monitoring prescribed medications, IV, and other treatments for side effects and reactions
  6. Caring for wounds, such as cleaning and bandage changing
  7. Educating patients and family members on treatment and care plans for injuries, conditions, and illnesses
  8. Supervising licensed practical and vocational nurses, nursing assistants, and students



Steps to Become Nurse anesthetist in Nigeria


International Online Workshop on SPSS – Advance

Field where a registered Nurse Work


Registered nurses work within a variety of patient populations and specializations, such

  1. Anesthetist
  2. Orthopedic
  3. Nurse Educator
  4. Intensive care unit (ICU) nurse
  5. ER Nurse
  6. pediatrics
  7. oncology
  8. family medicine
  9. geriatric
  10. ambulatory care
  11. rehabilitation.


This means that you have a wide range of career options and specialties to pursue.

Honestly, a qualified registered nurses perform in many parts and play a vital role within medical institutions. They have to be familiar with both the medical industry and hospital technology, they evaluate and educate patients, and they administer potentially life-changing medications.


Registered Nurse are the Best known to their parents, they are together over 24/7.



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