International Online Workshop on SPSS – Advance

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What is an online workshop, there is need to understand the meaning of online workshop before we introduce you the current program.
But you may started by reading
International Online Workshop on SPSS – Advance: We brought an online workshop for interested people to apply and learn, before you move further let us talk about what is an online workshop

Meaning of Online workshop

Online Workshops are interactive educational programs delivered virtually through a digital platform such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Crowdcast, or other similar platforms. Workshop leaders are usually experts in their field.

Unlike webinars and online presentations, workshops offer collaboration, allowing participants to interact with moderators, ask questions, receive feedback on topics of discussion, and otherwise interact . Think about the last hands-on, face-to-face workshop you attended. It’s online.

International Online Workshop on SPSS – Advance

Dear Professionals/ Academicians/ Colleagues,

ERNAL group foundation India in  conjunction with IPHA invites to  an International Online Workshop/FDP on SPSS – Advance. This is a two in one event to learn this sophisticated statistical analyses for individuals and also for faculty development program for medicals and non-medical professionals
Resource Person:
Dr Ranjana Singh  , MPH., PhD
Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Public Health

Delhi (IIPHD)
She is a Population Scientist and Statistician by training with more than a decade of
experience in the area of Public Health. She completed her Post Graduation in Statistics from Banaras
Hindu University, Varanasi, and, Masters and Doctorate in Population Studies from International
Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai. She was the recipient of Government of India and Junior
Research Fellowship for her PhD. As a part of Future Faculty Programme of PHFI, she also completed  Biostatistics as major from University of Albany, State University of New-York, USA.
  • Insight into understanding simple to complex data sets
  • Performing hands on Statistical Analysis of data
  • Evidence based practice
  • Used in education, health researchers, market research, healthcare, survey companies, data miners, international organization (WHO), multinationals, NGOs, ministry of health, government, retail and so on throughout the entire analytics process, from planning and data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment


Topics to be covered:

*Advanced Statistical Methods in Medical Research:*
1. Parametric tests with Interpretation:
    A. Correlation, examples with interpretations
    B. Simple linear Regression, why it is used with examples
    C. Independent t test, examples, importance and when to use it
    D. Paired t test with examples and when to use it
    E. ANOVA, explanations, classification with examples
2. Non parametric tests with Interpretation:
    A. Chi-square test
    B. Spearman rank correlation
    C. Mann Whitney U test
    D. Wilcoxon signed rank test
    E. Kruskal-Wallis Test
3. Regression analysis, why use it, interpretation and reporting with cases

• Practically live hands on, where doubts are cleared instantly
• On point daily Video recordings as addons
• Training E-Certificates as complimentary
• Communication via Registered e-mail notifications and alerts
• Easy downloadable free SPSS trial Software package to be issued to all
• Life time access to Data sets for practice

Who can attend:
• Medical & Paramedical Professionals, Students and faculties

• Nursing, Radiologist, MLT Students and faculties
• Physiotherapy Students and faculties

• Government and non government workers
• Individual researchers
• PhD research Scholars e.t.c

Workshop Details:

Date: 26th Dec 2022
Timing: Timing: 06.00PM to 08.00PM Indian Standard Time; 1.30 PM Paris; 01.00-3.00PM Nigeria.
Registration Fee: Rs. 400/- Indian  & 2500 Nigerian Naira & 10dollars International participants
For Further Contact:
Dr. Fardina and Dr. Mamlakat
Mobile: +91 9884821911, +992988287146, 09071504210
First come first serve, Never Loose any Opportunity to Understand SPSS … you may please forward to as many as possible.
Thank you

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