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Do you want to evolve in a profession that makes sense and join an activist association? Join us ! When you work at Médecins du Monde, you know why you get up in the morning: good causes to defend, a friendly professional environment, a work/personal life balance and also great prospects for development! The wide variety of our projects opens up many opportunities for internal mobility with access to individual and collective training, to support everyone’s career path.

You know us without knowing us: Médecins du Monde is a militant medical association of international solidarity present in nearly 30 countries and 15 regions in France. We have been committed for more than 40 years to caring for the most vulnerable populations and to bear witness to the obstacles observed in terms of access to care. You are not a doctor? Do not panic, 75% of employees occupy non-medical positions.

We have almost 500 employees under French law, but also 1,400 employees in the field internationally and more than 1,500 volunteers in France. Civic engagement and volunteering are at the heart of our associative model. At Médecins du Monde, volunteers and employees have a common commitment: solidarity. We invite you to embody this value by working alongside us!

The International Operations Department (DOI) is made up of 4 operational divisions: Europe-Asia, Africa, LacMena (Latin America-Caribbean, Middle East) and Emergencies, as well as a security unit and an institutional development department .

The activities of the Eurasia division are mainly centered on programs in Environmental Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Risk Reduction as well as on migration issues.

The geographical scope of the Eurasia cluster is as follows: Bulgaria, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, South Caucasus, Nepal, Philippines, Myanmar.

Country: France

City: St Denis

Career category: Program/Project Management

Years of experience: 5-9 years

Theme: Health


Under the responsibility of the Director of International Operations, you contribute to the development, guide and coordinate strategies in the Eurasia geographic area. You ensure the implementation of cross-functional projects within the framework of MdM policies, procedures and strategies.

You directly supervise a multidisciplinary team currently made up of 8 people at headquarters (3 desk managers, 2 health referents, 1 consortium program coordinator, 1 secretary and 1 support officer) and work in conjunction with the support services.

Your main responsibilities are:

Lead and manage a team

  • Directly supervise a multidisciplinary team of ten people (plan and monitor activities, objectives, carry out assessments, manage leave, recruit, identify skills and support them, etc.)
  • Advise, arbitrate and support the teams on the measures to be taken in the event of difficulty, malfunction and/or incident
  • Lead a support team that is not hierarchically attached to you, including a logistics referent, a management control/accounting team, HR and recruitment referents
  • Participate in the regulation of the joint triptychs in charge of steering the missions

Manage operations across the entire geographic scope

  • Ensure the operational implementation of intervention strategies
  • Ensure the application of safety rules on the ground and lead crisis management if necessary
  • Represent MdM with authorities, partners, donors, media, etc.
  • Monitor the management of human resources, the use of financial resources and the financial management of missions
  • Supervise budget construction and carry out budget monitoring
  • Coordinate functional teams to meet needs
  • Coordinate the management of the different geographical areas placed under its responsibility
  • Occasionally, direct certain missions, at the request of the DOI

Contribute to the definition of intervention strategies

  • Contribute to the monitoring and analysis of the geographical areas covered
  • Develop appropriate intervention strategies based on field information and propose them to association bodies and the DOI
  • Deploy the orientations of the DOI and the Board of Directors (CA), disseminate them and ensure their follow-up (define the objectives of the pole)
  • Analyze requests for support, thematic and advocacy needs, emergencies; then, set priorities and ensure follow-up
  • Participate in the definition of MdM inter-network actions and maintain collaboration with the MdM network
  • Define, lead and monitor partnerships
  • Participate in the reflections of the pools (associative life) and co-develop intervention strategies in the areas concerned

Manage transversal and thematic projects

  • Lead working groups on cross-functional projects
  • Consolidate new thematic needs
  • Inform and disseminate thematic priorities.


Status: Employee

Contract: Permanent contract

Full time

Position to be filled from the beginning of September 2023 on a permanent contract
Regular field trips to international missions
Gross monthly salary of 4,262 euros
Position status: executive Equivalent
13th month paid in 2 instalments – from 6 months of effective work seniority
Mutual insurance company (60% participation of MdM and 40% of the employee)
22.5 RTT / year
5 weeks of paid vacation / year
Meal vouchers worth 9.00 euros (60% participation of MdM)
Reimbursement of transport ticket in 50% common
Telework agreement subject to your position’s eligibility: 110 days of telework per year (i.e. an average of 2.5 days of telework per week) with the obligation to work face-to-face at least 1 day per week Oral communication in
person Face-to-face or by telephone
Work on screen / in open space
Sitting posture
Médecins du Monde promotes the training and internal mobility of its staff.
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As part of the mechanism to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering, any candidate selected is likely to be subject to a background check on international exclusion lists (United Nations , European Union, France, United States, …). This information is treated confidentially and archived on a secure server. For more information on the processing of personal data in this device: 


Higher education in humanitarian project management
Training in public health desired
Experience in project management of at least 8-10 years (including international field)
Experience within a medical NGO desired
Experience within an NGO headquarters desired
Knowledge animate a geographical center (with several fields/missions and desk managers to supervise)
Experience in the management of contexts with high insecurity
Strong resistance to stress
Availability, responsiveness, diplomacy
Mastery of the Office Pack
Languages: fluent French and English in writing as well as compulsory oral
You adhere to the values ​​and the militant positioning of Doctors of the World.


Médecins du Monde reserves the right to close recruitment before the deadline for submitting applications.

MdM is committed to the integration of people with disabilities and fights against all forms of discrimination.

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