Pay Band System for NHS/UK Nurses Salary per month

uk nurses salary per month


Pay Band System for NHS/UK Nurses Salary per month

In the United Kingdom, the average salary for a nurse is around £27,055 per year. However, this can vary depending on factors such as location, level of experience, and type of employer.

For example Nurses working in London tend to earn higher salaries due to the higher cost of living in the city. Additionally, nurses with more experience or specialized training may earn higher salaries.

However Nurses working in the National Health Service (NHS) typically have a slightly lower salary compared to those working in private healthcare. Salaries for nurses can also vary depending on their role, with those in management or leadership positions earning more than those in entry-level roles.

Surely in this article we have provided a wealth explanation about salary for nurses working in NHS and Private Health centers in the UK.

Readers whether International and the UK based citizens that includes students, student nurses, registered nurses and other people who need to understand the salary of nurses working in the united kingdom will have a comprehensive explanation that will make them fully understand all they need to know about the salary of nurses in the UK.

When a newly qualified registered nurse started working in the UK as qualified registered nurse by the NMC starts at band 5 with salary of about £27,055 per year, Phowever a nurse can be promoted up to the upper band 9 after accumulating experience going through some years. During this period the salary of a nurse increases according to the bands.
This current starting salary for a Band 5 Nurse in the UK of £27,055 tax and pensions excluded.

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Band pay system

To understand what bands is, related to nurses salary in the UK below is complete explanation: Band pay system incuded all staff except doctors, dentists and other very senior managers. There are 9 bands in NHS UK pay system and each of the nine pay bands has a number of pay points. Staff covers will normally promoted to the next pay point annually until they reach the top of the pay band (band 9). In addition to basic pay, there is also extra pay for staff who work in high cost areas such as around London, as we have stated early.

UK Band pay system in related to Years and Salary

Band 1 – Nursery Assistant salary in the UK

Years: 0-1+

In the UK, Band 1 nurses are considered Nursery assistant and typically earn a starting salary of around £20,270 per year.

Nursery Assistant roles require simple routine procedures that are gained through only simple induction or training. The roles are unskilled and require limited qualifications.

Example of the roles at Band 1.

Nursery assistant.
Domestic support worker.
Housekeeping assistant.

Band 2 – Healthcare Assistant

Years: 0-6+

In the UK, Band 2 employee are considered to be more experienced than Band 1 they typically earn a salary of around £20,270 to £21,318 per year.

The roles in this band would need a period of induction. The employee is needed to understand some procedures, that although are routine, may be performed outside of their immediate work area.

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Example of Roles at Band 2

Healthcare assistant
Nursery assistant
Domestic team leader
Domestic support worker
Housekeeping assistant
Driver security officer

Band 3 – Emergency Care Assistant

Band 3 employees are expected to take on a more advanced role in patient care, they would be expected to use their knowledge to apply to new situations within a range of work procedures. Roles would require a level of formal training or relevant experience.

Examples of roles at band 3

Emergency care assistant
Clinical coding officer
Estates officer
Occupational therapy support worker.

Band 3 workers are considered to be more experienced compared to Band 1 and 2 nurses and typically earn a salary of around £21,730 to £23,177 per year.

Band 4 – Theatre Support Worker

Years of Experience: 0 – 6 years

In the UK, Band 4 employees are considered to be senior or advanced practitioners and typically earn a salary of around £23,949 to £26,282 per year, these positions would require further application of theory to a job role. Band 4 roles would require a candidate to have relevant experience or complete detailed training programme.

Examples of roles at band 4

Assistant practitioner
Audio visual technician
Pharmacy technician,
Dental nurse
Theatre support worker.

Band 5 – Newly Qualified Nurse

Years of Experience: 0 – 7

In the UK, Band 5 employees (nurses) are considered to be fully qualified and experienced nurses, who have taken on a role that requires higher level of autonomy, clinical judgment and decision making. They typically earn a salary of around £27,055 to £32,934 per year.

They would be expected to understand a wide range of procedures and practices. Candidates likely have expertise within a specialist area, which will have been gained through qualifications or relevant experience.

Examples of roles at band 5 includes many newly qualified clinical professionals:

Operating department practitioner (ODP),
Therapeutic radiographer
Learning disability nurse and practice manager.
ICT test analyst

Band – 6 Nursing specialist or Senior Nurse

Years of Experience: 0 – 8

In the UK, Band 6 nurses are considered to be senior nurses and have advanced clinical expertise, they act as clinical leaders and mentors for other nurses. They typically earn a salary of around £33,706 to £40,588 per year.

The Nursing specialist or Senior Nurse
Specialist roles gained through study or extensive practical experience.

Examples of roles at band 6

School nurse
Biomedical scientist
Clinical psychology trainee
Experienced paramedic

Band – 7 Advanced Nurse / Nurse Practitioner

Years of experience: 0 – 8

In the UK, Band 7 nurses are considered to be advanced practitioners or senior managers and have a high level of autonomy, clinical judgment, and decision-making skills. They typically earn a salary of around £41,659 to £47,672 per year.

They are nuraes with highly developed specialist knowledge across the range situations. Employees will have gained skills through extensive study and relevant practical experience.

They may also be expected to take on leadership roles, such as leading a team of nurses or managing a ward or department. They may also be involved in the management and development of services, and may act as a link between the management and the nursing staff.

Examples of roles at band 7

Communications manager,
advanced speech and
language therapist
high intensity therapist

Band 8 – Modern Matron or Chief Nurse

In the UK, Band 8 nurses are considered to be highly experienced and specialist nurses and have a high level of autonomy, clinical judgment, and decision-making skills. They typically earn a salary of around £48,526 to £91,787 per year

Band 8 is the top end of the NHS nurse grades. For nurses, this banding reflects heads of teams. You’ll still carry out many nursing duties, in addition to looking after a large team of staff.

Band 8a 0 to 5 years and above

Salary: £48,526 to £54,619

Band 8b 0 to 5 years and above

Salary: £56,164 to £65,262

Band 8c 0 to 5 years and above

Salary: £67,064 to £77,274

Band 8d 0 to 5 years and above

Salary: £79,592 to £91,787

Band 9

Band 9 is not a standard band in the UK National Health Service (NHS) nursing pay scale. Band 8 is the highest band in the nursing pay scale. Band 9 is usually used for nursing management and leadership roles such as Director of Nursing, Chief Nurse and other senior management roles that are not directly involved in patient care.

These positions can have a wide range of salary based on the level of responsibilities and the size of the organization they work for, and it could range anywhere between £65,000 to £150,000 or more

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What about Private Nurse Salary in UK

According to the

“A Newly qualified registered Nurses licensed to practice by NMC in the UK can actually start their careers in the private health care centers.

In the UK the starting salary is more difficult to pin down because pay in the private sector is unregulated.

But some reports suggest it can offer a slightly higher starting salary.Barchester Healthcare, for example, is one of the biggest private providers of nursing and residential care services in the UK – and tends to offer a starting salary that’s slightly higher than the NHS equivalent.

The vast majority of newly qualified Nurses start their careers within the NHS, so private providers probably have to offer a little more money to grab their attention. However, it’s by no means a certainty that your starting salary will be higher in the private sector other considerations are important too.

Benefits in the NHS are renowned for being excellent and rarely matched by private jobs. But private positions normally offer more flexibility and a lower Nurse to patient ratio. So when considering where you’ll work as a Nurse, think about the kind of life you want to lead – not just pay”.

Non-governmental Organizations E.g Agency and Bank in UK

Meanwhile, many other Nurses prepared to work with an agency or a trust’s bank, not only does this offer lots of flexibility, but it can offer much higher daily rates of pay.

But without the benefits and security of a full-time position, the key to success as a bank or agency Nurse is finding work consistently.Broadly speaking, that makes it a better choice when you’ve already gained some experience first.


UK Nurse salary based on qualifications

The high Educational Qualification a nurse achieved in the UK the high Salary they earn, this is in details (in GBP) salary of nurse according to the qualifications in UK per Year, Nurse with Bachelor’s Degree earn about £45,400 and nurse with Master’s Degree earn about £63,000 in UK.

UK Registered Nurse Salary according Location

A nurse can earn higher or lower salary in uk according to his/her job location, there is high cost of livings in some places and low cost of living in other, therefore nurse living in higher cost of living location can earn higher salary and vice versa. Example below will help you understand the nurse salary according to their location in the UK.

Location Salary (in GBP) per Year

Wirral: £113,606
Holywell, Clwyd: £73,125
Welshpool: £73,125
Shetland Islands: £71,125
North East England: £70,200
Wilmslow: £69,888
Lowestoft: £69,277
Dronfield: £69,225
Isle of Man: £68,467
Washington, Tyne And Wear: £68,250

Nurses salary in the UK according to Skills

This list explained the nurses salary according to their skills un the UK

Skills Salary (in GBP) per Year
Medicine and Surgery £25,903
Geriatrics £25,790
Elder Care £27,770
Acute Care £26,480
Critical Care £27,084

Work Experience (in Years) Salary (in GBP) per Year

This explains the salary of a nurse in the UK according to the length of years a nurse performed working.

0 to 2 years £32,200
2 to 5 years £43,200
5 to 10 years £56,100
10 to 15 years £67,900
15 to 20 years £74,300
20 years and above £78,100

UK nurse salary according to Gender

In the UK a female nurse earn a little high salary than male nurse details below:

Gender Salary (in GBP) per Year
Male £53,300
Female £57,500

Benefits enjoyed by a National Health Service (NHS) Nurse

In the UK it’s very important to work with NHS due to huge benefits and jobs security than other agencies and private health sectors.

The benefits enjoyed by a nurse registered with National Health Service (NHS) are as follows –

  • Increase in pay grade, between 30 per cent to 60 per cent in case of working in night shifts, weekends and national and bank holidays.
  • The pension scheme of the NHS provides comprehensive and generous support to all sectors in the UK.
  • Enjoys 27 holidays in a year along with bank holidays.
  • Free access to health, occupational and counselling support.
  • Full pay for six months on sick leave and half pay for six months on the same.
  • Enjoys maternity and paternity leave even if it goes above minimum statutory leave.
  • Access to varied and vast training and professional development courses and funding from the institution appointed them

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It’s very good for nurse want to work in the UK to read this article to get an insight of uk nurses salary for better understanding. NGO nurses website declared all you need to understand.

Thanks for reading.

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