Physiotherapist – Syria , Female At National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs

Position: Physiotherapist, ( Female )
Location: The National Syrian project for prosthetic limbs -Afrin Center

Duration:05 Months-Extendable
Closing date: 25 May 2023

About NSPPL:
The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs (NSPPL) was established in 2013 in Reyhanli, southern Turkey, by a group of Syrians in response to those affected by the war in Syria and in need of prosthetic limbs. NSPPL is the first non-profit of its kind in Northern Syria and Turkey to support amputees recuperate and integrate into a self-sufficient autonomous lifestyle.

Position Responsibilities and Duties:
1- Assess patients’ physical abilities through evaluative procedures:
Identify the physical needs of the beneficiaries by performing a rehabilitation assessment using the
To assess the functional capacities of the beneficiaries and identify their needs in terms of rehabilitation and mobility aid.
2- Establish treatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses.
Based on the assessment, plan and implement long and short-term treatment plan taking into consideration functional activities training (ADLs) in close collaboration with other team members.
Plan daily exercise routines that patients can implement for themselves as home exercises.
****3-****To provide safe and appropriate rehabilitation interventions.
Provide rehabilitation care according to guidelines and protocols.
Keep the beneficiary actively involved in planning and understanding the objectives of the intervention plan.
Before starting a treatment session, check the latest information on the beneficiary’s assessment, if necessary, seek technical advice.
Consider contra-indications and precautions related to diverse injuries, illnesses and treatment options.
****4-****Data reporting and monitoring of the situation and the organizing Daily and weekly activities
Fill out the session follow-up form after each intervention and update the objectives if needed.
Fill out the initial, discharge forms and all the necessary documents that are used for internal and external reporting.
Organize your workload through a detailed weekly plan while keeping a balance between identification, assessment and service provision and priorities.
Respect all the internal standards and guidelines
5-Ethics and professional practice show:
Respect the privacy of the beneficiary.
Always interact with children in the presence of their parents or caregivers
Discussed the needs and demands in a professional manner.
Report any event or action that would harm the beneficiary or others.
Always ask permission to touch one in any treatment or maneuver.
Always show respect to the other party with regard to refusing treatment.
Demonstrate competence to conduct an effective rehabilitation intervention.
****6-****Showing that it is willing to increase their ability to enhance the professional competence and quality of care
Report any need to your department manager to improve/improve your skills and knowledge.
Participate in training sessions and other types of capacity-building activities,
Participating in different events common to all team members (team meetings, case management meetings)
Customs or requests to adapt to department management (reporting, etc.)
Qualifications & requirements:
A diploma or university degree in physical therapy is required.
Experience in the amputee Rehabilitation field is preferable.
Excellent communication skill in Arabic, and good in English

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