Epinephrine Injection Uses, doses and all you need to know

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Epinephrine Injection Uses dose, and all you need to know

Epinephrine (adrenaline) Injection, All You Need to Know
Welcome to NGO nurses. Today we are going to talk about Injection epinephrine (adrenaline).
By reading this post gently to the end you will be able to know about injection adrenaline (epinephrine) this knowledge cover the list of items below:

• What is epinephrine injection?
• What is epinephrine injection used for?
• When should epinephrine be given?
• How do you inject epinephrine?
• What happens when epinephrine is injected?
• Who should not use epinephrine?
• What is epinephrine side effects?
• How fast are the effects of epinephrine?
• How many times can epinephrine be given?
• How to dilute epinephrine?

What is epinephrine injection?

Epinephrine, also known as adrenalin or adrenaline, is a hormone, neurotransmitter and medication.
As a medication it is used to treat a number of conditions, including anaphylaxis, cardiac arrest, and superficial bleeding.

Let us read this drug best on the list below:
• Pharmacological class
• Therapeutic Class
• Action
• Indication
• Contraindication
• Precautions
• Dosage
• Administration

Pharmacological class

Sympathomimetic( direct acting)

Therapeutic class

Bronchodilator, mydriatic


• Strong alpa-adrenergic effects
1. Increase cardiac output and Heart rate
2. Decrease Renal perfusion and PVR
3. Have effect on Blood pressure
4. Systemic vasoconstriction
5. Increased vascular permeability


epinephrine injection uses dose


11. What is epinephrine injection used for?


The answer is by knowing the indication of epinephrine:
• Anaphylaxis
• Cardiopulmonary arrest
• Symptomatic bradycardia
• Mydriasis
• Hypotension associated with septic shock


Epinephrine is the drug of choice to treat anaphylaxis reaction.


Epinephrine is also used as bronchodilator if specific beta-2 agonist is unavailable or ineffective. It can be given subcutaneous or intramuscular for asthma.

Cardiac arrest

Epinephrine is used to treat cardiac arrest, it improve return of spontaneous circulation.

Local anesthetics

Epinephrine is used together with local anesthetics agents, as a vasoconstrictor adrenaline slow the absorption of the anesthetics agent and prolong its effect.

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