How to become Nurse Practitioner In Nigeria | Salary and Task

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How to become Nurse Practitioner In Nigeria | Salary and Task

Who is a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice registered nurse and a type of mid-level practitioner. NPs are trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, formulate and prescribe medications and treatment plans. NP training covers basic disease prevention, coordination of care, and health promotion, but does not provide the depth of expertise needed to recognize more complex conditions. (WIKIPEDIA)

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What do Nurse Practitioners (NPs) do?

Nurse practitioners work closely with patients to assess and monitor their health and provide medical care, but their roles may change depending on the location of their position, facility, and specific field.

NPs usually perform the following duties:

  1. Recording patient medical histories and symptoms and ensuring accurate medical records to provide diagnoses
  2. Collecting information and samples from patients
  3. Performing routine and detailed examinations
  4. Evaluating medical and test results and observing patients
  5. Creating individual treatment plans and performing referrals
  6. Prescribing medications and monitoring results
  7. Ordering diagnostic tests and operating some medical equipment
  8. Supervising nurses and other staff members
    Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to share knowledge, create treatment plans, and diagnose patients

Some common specialties for nurse practitioners are:

  1. pediatric care
  2. geriatrics
  3. hospitals
  4. Managed care facilities
  5. government agencies
  6. Non Governmental Organization
  7. family practice
  8. private care
  9. emergency room carea nd
  10. university faculty

Best Tips to be Successful Nurse practitioner

To be successful, NPs should be familiar with new developments in medicine and health care, be detail-oriented, especially when it comes to data, and have empathy and compassion in order to build a relationship with their patients.

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Education and Training

Nurse practitioners, on the other hand, must have earned a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) or higher. They must also complete more clinical hours. If you wish to work with a particular patient population, you will also need to complete additional certifications and training as necessary which can be psychiatric, adult geriatric acute care, adult geriatric primary care, pediatric, cardiac, women’s health, oncology and neonatal nurse practitioner programs among others

Roles and Responsibilities

Nurse practitioners have greater autonomy and responsibility due to their advanced education, training, and experience.

People and situation

According to MSF SEA, story of Miriam a 17 year old young woman

In some region for example “In the state of Massachusetts, a registered nurse practitioner can practice independently,” says Donna Glynn, PhD, RN, ANP, and associate dean of pre-licensure nursing at Regis College. “So that means they can serve as a primary care provider without oversight of a physician. That includes prescribing medication and ordering of tests. In primary care, NPs manage a panel of patients, set up referrals, coordinate with the specialists, and take full account for the patient”.

Annual Salary

According to the BLS, nurse practitioners earned an average of $115,800 per year ($55.67 per hour) in 2019 and a median of $125,157 in the state of Massachusetts. NPs tend to earn more than RNs, mostly because their positions require a higher level of education, additional clinical hours and certifications, and often work in private settings.

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