MAWARID PROJECT CONSULTANT: Developing the Anaesthesia Speciality Program in Northwest Syria At Tropical Health and Education Trust

THET is responding to a request from the EU to assist with the strengthening of medical education priorities in Northwest Syria (NWS), working with and responding to the priorities of the Syrian Board of Medical Specialities (SBOMS) and other partners.

North West Syria is a non-state area outside of the control of, and with no linkages with, the central government in Damascus. A number of different actors control the region resulting in an inconsistent and undermanaged health system. The health community has been able to develop an approach to maintain the health system to meet the minimum standards of the health system blocks including better service provision to the patients. Most of the health facilities in the area are managed and operated by local and international NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in cooperation with the local health authorities.

The project is further articulated around four result areas:

  1. Strengthened HRH/HSS leadership and governance of selected parameter-compliant actors possibly including the Syrian Board of Medical Specialities (SBOMS), Medical Syndicates, Leagues and/or Associations.
  2. Improved delivery of postgraduate medical education with a focus on shortage specialities (through areas such as curriculum reform, improved clinical skills teaching and modern teaching approaches competency-based assessment procedures, placements, resources, and tools and/or application of learning technologies, based on scoping findings);
  3. Improved understanding of and recommendations for the strengthening of undergraduate medical education; and
  4. Improved understanding of health workforce capacity gaps and needs through a detailed scoping assessment, dialogue, and engagement of key local stakeholders to identify problems and test solutions.

Deliverables (likely to include):

  1. Anaesthesia speciality curriculum, residents’ training plan and expected outcomes disaggregated by years and procedures.
  2. Anaesthesia speciality program assessment approach/policy and program quality assurance framework.
  3. Evaluation report for the Anaesthesia board members and supervisors’ training skills including their baseline and final progress measured by indicators suggested by the consultant.
  4. Mentoring report (if point 3 is achieved).
  5. Training report for the physical training (if point 4 is achieved).
  6. Final report including consultancy activities, challenges, achievements, the lessons learned and recommendations.

Knowledge Skills and Experience for the Consultancy:

To successfully undertake this assignment, the Consultant should meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Anaesthesia speciality degree.
  2. At least 10 years of experience in training Anaesthesia resident doctors (being a member of a medical speciality training committee /Body is preferred: Exp: Royal College, American Board, Arab Board, Medical Supervisor in a University Hospital, etc.).
  3. Experience in managing or contributing to developing Anaesthesia speciality programmes.
  4. Experience working in partnership with others to promote capacity building.
  5. Experience in medical education.
  6. Arabic language is an advantage.

For a more detailed Terms of reference please click here

Terms and conditions

Individuals may apply for this role but the contract needs to be with an institution.

€50,000.00 is available for the delivery of this work, which will include all costs including salaries, travel and any costs associated with delivering training activities.

All initial work should be completed by 31 August 2023, with the potential for extension beyond this.

How to apply

An Expression of Interest is to be submitted to Beatrice Waddingham at [email protected] by 9am on Tuesday 11th April.

For further information or to discuss the consultancy, please contact Ahmed Mbayed at [email protected] or Beatrice Waddingham at [email protected]

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