Mobile Implementing Officer (MIO) – Women’s Health H/F At Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization created in 1971 that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion and natural disasters. MSF is one of the largest independent medical humanitarian organizations in the world, with projects located in 65 countries worldwide. Its work is based on the humanitarian principles of medical ethics; the goal of MSF is to provide emergency care and to offer assistance to people based only on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. The French section is present in around thirty countries.

The Women’s Health Unit in OCP Medical Department is looking for the Mobile Implementing Officer (MIO) – Women’s Health position to be filled as soon as possible.



  • MSF guides actions according to the potential impact on maternal and newborn mortality and suffering by responding to specific reproductive health needs,
  • All MSF projects should be prepared to offer medical care to victims of sexual violence (SV); independently of or as a complement to reproductive health care activities,
  • MSF will respond to girls’ and women’s needs for the termination of pregnancy on request (ToPr) by providing Safe Abortion Care (SAC); SAC is part of the organization’s actions that are aimed at reducing maternal mortality and preventing unsafe abortion.

Our projects work under tremendous pressure to improve the quality of care our beneficiaries receive. They face clinical challenges when health care needs are competing or where more life-saving priorities take precedence. Therefore, the challenges of offering SRH & SV care can seem overwhelming. Especially if our staff have little or no experience in implementing and integrating specific elements of sexual-reproductive healthcare like Contraception, SV and SAC into their activities. The perception, awareness and acceptance of these essential services within the communities we care for is often the biggest obstacle to overcome.

Main responsibilities

Specific key subjects to manage

  • Packages of SRH OPD (ANC, labour and delivery, PNC)
  • Contraceptive care
  • Sexual violence Care
  • Safe Abortion Care
  • Community-based approaches


  • Give renewed focus to existing MSF Contraception activities within Women’s Health activities with the introduction and roll out of the new contraceptive guidelines.
  • Collaborate with external partners (MoH) to redefine and increase responsibility and collaboration.
  • Assist with the integration of Contraception into non-Women’s Health activities (nutrition, mental health, infectious disease, etc)

Sexual Violence

  • Increase access to quality care for victims of SV in both regular and emergency settings, reviewing patient flow, how confidentiality is maintained and referral pathways both internal and external. This includes access to SAC.
  • Provide SV sensitisation to all members of the field teams (coordination, watchmen, doctors, etc)
  • Empower the community by engaging with leaders and other actors to have an open discussion about what is SV and explore how violence is impacting on our / their community.

Safe Abortion Care

  • Increase access to quality care for women and girls requesting SAC and identify referral pathways both internal and external.
  • Provide Exploring Values & Attitudes (EVA) Workshops to all members of the field teams (both locally hired and international mobile staff).
  • Support and mentor teams to perform Medical Self-Managed Care in the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Support and mentor teams to perform SAC in the second trimester of pregnancy
  • Assess appropriateness of implementation of MVA activity considering the long-term health care impacts and feasibility

Mentorship of existing Maternity Projects

  • Understand the needs of, and the expectations on, the maternity services.
  • Build on relationships to open communication, encourage the sharing of experiences, understand the mutual benefits of uncovering the root causes of delays and understand the urgency if redirection is needed.
  • Plan with projects on options for staff capacity building as well as general motivation

Overall Objectives of the MIO

  • Remain flexible and be able to identify other emerging SRH needs
  • Follow MSF strategic plans, guidelines and policies
  • Assess fields readiness for the integration of one, two or all three of the SRH activities outlined above and assist projects in implementation
  • Map neighbouring actors or to create a directory of services
  • Facilitate the development of the field team by providing hands on support
  • Organise and deliver educational workshops and simulated scenarios through role play
  • Development of education calendar to maintain and refresh theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Observe clinical work to ensure what has been learnt is being practiced
  • Documentation – ensure all correct files are available and the team is able to complete them
  • Review current Human Resources – adaptation of Job Descriptions, potential need for additional staff and the identification of focal points
  • Ensure pharmacy and additional equipment needs are projected, budgeted and ordered / supplied
  • Review logistical needs: clear patient flow to ensure patient centred care, privacy, confidentiality. Review IPC needs and consider the space – will the space constrain or sustain the growth?
  • Ensure register books are in line with Praxis & DHIS to ensure clear data collection on the integrated or updated activities – this will support analysis at project level

Extended Objectives of the MIO

  • Assists with the completion of context analysis for SV and/or SAC that have been started by the Medical Coordinator
  • Assists projects in trialling different models of care including decentralisation and self-managed care
  • Promotion of online education resources and courses
  • Understand, if any, the legal constraints of Contraception, SV and SAC to be able to provide clarity to our field teams
  • Contributes to the revision of guidelines and policies
  • Revise education tool kits as new clinical needs arise
  • Represents MSF within and outside of the organisation to foster networking between OC’s and with external stakeholders. For example, being involved in forums to share experiences and to discuss the Women’s Health movement

Collaboration, Communication and Reporting Line

  • The decision on the MIO’s placements will be taken by the field, the respective Cells, the Midwifery Advisor in agreement with the Woman’s Health team and their Medical Manager
  • Reporting will be to the Midwifery Advisor assigned to the specific mission/country.
  • Field assignments will be short term with specific Terms of Reference for each project
  • The MIO will work closely with the other Advisors such as Health Promotion, Mental Health, Medical Advisors in Coordination for practical implementation of activities agreed by the Operational Cell
  • The MIO will liaise and stay in close contact with cell managers, women’s health team and other decision makers at HQ to ensure their work is relevant and transparent
  • The MIO will deliver an activity report within 2 weeks of return from the field covering the Situation, Background, Assessment & Integration and Future Recommendations

Education and experience

  • Midwife /nurse degree / Diploma
  • MSF experience is a requirement
  • Midwifery field experience with MSF in different contexts – minimum 3 fields approx. 6 months or more during each mission.
  • Experience in implementing SRH and SV activities.
  • Experience in implementing Safe Abortion Care in the field – particularly in medical management of SAC up to second trimester.


  • Knowledge in computer: Excel, Word and PowerPoint programs.
  • Training in ALSO, EVA ToT, SACI will be a valuable asset.


  • Strong written and oral skills in English. Minimum C1
  • Fluent in French. Minimum of B1.
  • Knowledge of other languages (Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese) is an asset.

Status : 12 months fixed term contract – Full time.

Field contract, salary level 12 according to the MSF field salary scale and according to seniority and experience. 80% of the time in the field on the projects and 20% at headquarters (Paris).

Expected starting date: ASAP

Our wish is to promote inclusion and diversity. We also wish to improve the representation of people with disabilities in our workforce.

How to apply

Please send your application (cover letter and CV), until 21 may 2023 


Only candidates whose applications have been selected will be contacted.

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