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ALIMA has been present in Nigeria since 2016. Its actions are part of a regional response strategy to health and nutrition emergencies, with a focus on pediatric, maternal-infant, and epidemic interventions. ALIMA is present in North-East Nigeria in Borno State (MMC and Jere LGAs) and in Yobe State (Bade and Karasuwa LGAs) where it provides outpatient and inpatient healthcare and nutrition services for IDPs and host communities. In North-West Nigeria, ALIMA is in Katsina State (Kaita LGA) to respond to increased nutritional needs. ALIMA is present in the South-West, in Ondo State (Owo LGA) where teams are treating patients for Lassa fever and conducting research into improved treatment.

Since the rapid increase in Lassa Fever cases in 2018, ALIMA has been supporting the NCDC and the State Ministry of Health in Owo (Ondo State) with case management, active case detection, patient triage, public awareness campaigns, and reinforcement of the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures among health workers in the different hospital structures of Ondo State. As of today, ALIMA is intervening in Owo Federal Medical Centre (Owo FMC) to support the response to the outbreak by providing free laboratory and clinical care for suspected and confirmed cases of Lassa fever and also conducting clinical research. In 2019-2020, ALIMA set up a Viral Haemorrhagic Fever laboratory in Owo to improve patients’ care by providing fast and high-quality diagnoses. ALIMA also takes on community outreach activities and has sensitized more than 6 500 people to Lassa fever.

In addition to prevention and case management, ALIMA is currently participating in the coordination of several studies to better understand the disease in order to improve case management, including an observational cohort study (LASCOPE) to describe the clinical, biological course, management and outcomes of hospitalized patients with a diagnosis of confirmed Lassa fever. With more than 1000 inclusions, the LASCOPE study enables researchers and medical experts to better understand the factors that contribute to the death of people infected with the Lassa virus. It is comprehensively documenting and analyzing the clinical and biological parameters of these patients who were admitted to the Federal Medical Centre in Owo, and more recently to the Alex Ekwueme Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki. By taking an approach that integrates research, patient care and infection prevention and control, the LASCOPE project provides valuable information for the design of future diagnostic tools, vaccines and therapeutic trials aimed at finding a more specific treatment. Following the initial results of the LASCOPE study, ALIMA, and its partners are continuing, with the consent of the patients, to collect data on people admitted to the Lassa fever ward in Owo. The study has already produced several publications, including one in The Lancet.

ALIMA is also implementing a phase II clinical trial (SAFARI) at the Federal Medical Center of Owo (FMCO) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Favipiravir (antiviral drug). The ultimate goal is to improve specific treatment options and continue with an international phase III trial. All these ongoing and future research activities are in line with ALIMA’s strategic priorities to promote research against viral hemorrhagic fevers in Africa.

Reports to:

  • Functional: Project Coordinator
  • Technical: Medical Referent

Mission Location: Yobe State Karasuwa/Yusufari


Level 3: As part of his or her duties, the incumbent will be required to visit the programs and be in contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, the criminal record check or the presentation of a certificate of good moral character will be necessary. In situations where it is impossible to provide a criminal record or a certificate of good moral character, a declaration of honor will be requested.


He/she participates in defining, planning, implementing, and monitoring all care and nursing-related activities in accordance with the project plan, ALIMA’s policies, approved guidelines, and procedures. He/she guarantees the quality of nursing care as well as coordinates human and materials-related resources in collaboration with different health facilities responsible in order to improve the health conditions of the target population.

The Nursing Activity Manager maintains a close collaboration with different responsibilities of health facilities in which ALIMA is bringing medical support and technical relation with the nurse supervisor and the project team to ensure the smooth running of medical activities:

  • Ensure that the Planning and organization of all nursing and related activities in OTP, IPD, ITFC, OPD, and Community Activity and participating in the definition of periodic planning and update of its associated budget
  • Coordinate the duty roster, shifts, and on-calls of nursing staff.
  • Oversee and monitor the rational use of medicines and the proper administration of treatments in step with ALIMA/MoH protocols.
  • Oversee proper management of the different activities like OTP, IPD, ITFC, OPD, and drug store (inventory, orders, supervision of distribution).
  • Participate in handling international orders for medicines and medical supplies.
  • Ensure that all administrative procedures and documents (individual patient cards and registration books, discharge forms, transfer forms, etc.) are used correctly.
  • Ensure correct use of data management tools (proper collection and analysis of patient and laboratory data).
  • Support the development and implementation of nursing protocols and standards
  • Monitor adherence to hygiene procedures for materials (sterilization, waste disposal), rooms, and equipment in general. Monitor adherence to universal measures for infection prevention control.
  • Ensure that all necessary actions are well known in the event of needle stick injuries or contact with infectious body fluid by all staff (including non-medical staff), for example, an accident of Blood.
  • Supervise the national nurses’ supervisors, and all related activities in liaison with the different activities in the project (OTP, IPD, ITFC, OPD, Community Activities, etc.)
  • Reporting to the line manager on any relevant information linked to nursing activities and participating in periodic reports according to guidelines.
  • In close coordination with the project admin,, planning and supervising the associated processes (recruitment, training, evaluation, development and communication) of the nursing staff of the project



Essential nursing diploma for general or specialized health services; specialization in nutrition or sexual and reproductive health would be an asset.


  • Essential working experience of at least 5 years in nursing activities specialized either in nutrition/health or sexual reproductive health.
  • Essential working experience in related jobs in ALIMA or other NGOs developing countries.


  • English master Oral and written;
  • French, Hausa, and Kanuri languages would be an asset.


  • Contract term: Contract under French law; contract length: 6 months, renewable.
  • Position to be filled: July 2023
  • Salary: depending on experience

ALIMA pays for:

  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accommodation costs
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee and his/her family
  • Evacuation of the employee

How to apply


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter online

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the initial deadline if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + letter of motivation) will be considered.

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