Paediatric Nurse At Emergency – Life Support for Civilian War Victims



TYPE OF CONTRACT: Fixed-term contract – paid (6 months)

NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS: Degree in Nursing; 3 years’ continuous professional experience in Paediatrics in international hospital settings

This role requires complete and autonomous management of the nursing care of paediatric and/or neonatal patients.


The international Paediatric Nurse supervises, teaches and works alongside the national staff colleagues – in the clinic and in the ward – in collaboration with the centre’s medical team and with the international Paediatrics specialist.
The international Paediatric Nurse is responsible to the Medical Coordinator, who is in charge of the management and organisation of the project.

The main areas of work are:

  • TRIAGE: area dedicated to paediatric triage;
  • OUTPATIENTS DEPARTMENT: 2-3 treatment rooms, also equipped for the management of medical emergencies;
  • PAEDIATRIC WARD: the paediatric ward has between 8 and 18 beds, depending on the project;

Assignment to a designated department will be made according to the specific skills and professional experience. The international Paediatric Nurse will be present in the hospital 5-6 days a week (depending on the project), and will participate in clinical activity and the ward round. On-call 24/7 in case of paediatric emergencies on the ward.
The international Paediatric Nurse, together with the Medical Coordinator of the project, organises the shifts of the national staff, ensuring nursing coverage 24/7 on the ward.


All EMERGENCY international personnel are expected to know and follow the hospital admissions criteria, guidelines, protocols, and the diagnosis and treatment standards in use in the Centre, and to ensure the correct compilation of clinical records and statistics in both computer and paper formats.

The main duties and responsibilities of the International paediatric nurse are:

  • management of nursing triage for the main paediatric illnesses, in collaboration with the national colleagues;
  • care of paediatric patients, who are often very young and malnourished;
  • nursing care of cardiopathic patients (adult and paediatric) presenting for INR checks, therapy, follow-up (where previously operated at the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery) and/or new medical examination;
  • assistance in clinical research and record keeping as required by the scientific programmes of the specialist sector of the Medical Division of EMERGENCY.


Clinical activities and patient care are always carried out alongside and in collaboration with local personnel, who thus benefit from training in the field. There is also provision for more specific teaching activities, managed by the international specialists, in accordance with the clinical protocols in use and as agreed with the Medical Coordinator.


  • Nursing Degree (or equivalent Diploma) and current registration on the professional nursing register of your Country of residence;
  • at least 3 years’ continuous international experience in Paediatrics department


6 months’ overseas stay including a period of leave to be taken at the end of the mission in agreement with the coordinator.

How to apply

To apply, please send your CV to [email protected]

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