Pharmacy Assistant – MMU – Ciudad Bolivar At International Medical Corps

OBJECTIVE: Support with the dispensing of medicines indicated by the medical personnel in the Health Days and manage the inventory of medicines during the terrestrial MMU (Mobile Medical Units), these activities will reach 7 communities in the Sucre and Cedeño municipalities.


  • Ensure that pharmaceutical services are implemented in accordance with internationally accepted standards and/or relevant Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Make sure drug disposal is pre-approved and logged. It includes the date, time, the person who collected the items, and the intended destination.
  • Package and label prescriptions and counsel patients on their proper use and possible adverse events.
  • Work with the medical team to provide standardized data to the International Medical Corps data management and reporting system.
  • Review documentation to confirm that the appropriate pharmaceuticals were indeed provided to beneficiaries.
  • Coordinate with the Medical Coordinator, the Logistics Coordinator and the Team Leader to ensure the correct demobilization and proper disposition of the pharmaceutical products and the correct storage conditions.
  • Deployed personnel are expected to assist with the setup, maintenance, and demobilization of Mobile Medical Units in the field as needed.
  • Provide the necessary technical support to medical personnel in the management of the supply chain of pharmaceutical products.
  • Prepare periodic report on the summary of the inventory of medical supplies, medical equipment and pharmaceutical products.
  • Supervise the ordering of medicines and medical products and any gifts in kind (GIK).
  • Establish standardized data collection tools and train staff in collecting accurate data to track pharmaceutical consumption.
  • Guarantee the quality of the products by periodically reviewing physical changes in the products.
  • Make sure that when you are not in the field, supplies in the warehouse are stored neatly on shelves or in boxes and are well marked and items are separated by category (injectables/orals/ointments…)
  • Work with logistics and finance departments to ensure regular and adequate levels of pharmaceutical and medical products are maintained to prevent stock-outs.
  • Support the implementation of the Conflict Sensitivity approach throughout the program.
  • Monitor and report on IMC’s adherence to Do No Harm and the conflict sensitivity approach (Safe and Effective Humanitarian Response) at the field level.

Mobile Medical Units (MMU)

  • The person applying for this position must be available to attend health days for at least 15 days, in places that are difficult to access, with limited communication, and visiting indigenous communities in the state of Bolívar.
  • The organization covers lodging and food during the deployments and the duration of each MMU.
  • Contract as a consultant.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum technician in pharmacy or related careers.
  • Work experience in the execution of sanitary projects of at least 1 year.
  • Experience of at least 1 year in relevant activities.
  • Experience in inventory management including methods such as FEFO.

How to apply

  1. Make sure you meet all the requirements.
  2. Send an email with the Subject Title: MMU Pharmacy Assistant
  3. Send email to: [email protected].
  4. Attach updated resume.

Only applications whose email subject meets the requirements will be considered.

DEADLINE : May 21, 2023.

We encourage those interested to submit their resume as soon as possible. If you send an email after the indicated date, your application will not be valid.

IMC Venezuela will never ask candidates in a selection process to pay a consideration, fee or any other exchange. If any payment or favor is requested of you in connection with this selection process, please inform us at “