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Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services, Cairo

Vacancy Announcement: Deputy Director of Psychosocial Department

Founded in 1979, StARS is a refugee service provider in central Cairo that works to enhance the quality of life for refugees and vulnerable migrants through five broad program areas: education, psychosocial, legal, community outreach and unaccompanied youth and children support services. We provide high-quality services meeting the unaddressed needs of refugees, and we provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community. We work for refugees, with refugees, to make rights recognition a reality.

StARS’ Mission: Driven by a commitment to justice and fairness, StARS works as displaced people and for displaced people to respect human dignity and enhance quality of life.

StARS’ Vision: Displaced people lead in the creation and implementation of responses to different forms of migration to establish safe, just, welcoming, and inclusive communities globally.

We serve people from many places, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

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Under the supervision of StARS’ Director of Psychosocial Department (hereafter Director of Psychosocial Department), the Director of Psychosocial Department manages the implementation of StARS Psychosocial Programs that focus on services for adults and families. The Deputy Director of Psychosocial Department is responsible for overseeing matters relating to supervision, support, and day-to-day running of StARS psychosocial services.


All duties are carried out under the supervision of the Director of Psychosocial Department, who retains overall responsibility for the Psychosocial Program. Effective communication with the Director of Psychosocial Department, and other members of the StARS’ management team, is essential to the success of this role.

Psychosocial and Technical

  • To maintain oversight and monitoring of activities across Psychosocial Department programs in close coordination with all Psychosocial Department program coordinators and the Psychosocial Department management team.
  • To ensure that systems are in place for appropriate and fair response to clients at all stages of psychosocial services, with a particular focus on screening and drop-in support.
  • To ensure high quality psychosocial support and other related services, and to ensure a refugee right- based approach is followed within StARS’ Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To ensure the delivery of quality group support services and activities for adults and families.
  • To ensure that comprehensive case management practices are in place within the relevant Psychosocial Department Programs, including maintaining and updating electronic databases and records, and keeping detailed notes of all Casework activities.
  • To maintain good working knowledge of the current political and social situations in the countries of origin of StARS’ clients and of the situation of refugee communities in Egypt.
  • To maintain good working knowledge of UNHCR guidelines, processes, and procedures.
  • To promote the sharing of relevant information with Psychosocial Department staff and other StARS’ Programs.


  • To ensure accurate record keeping systems are in place for Psychosocial Department Programs and to provide case reporting data to the Director of Psychosocial Department as requested in order to accurately report work to senior management, funders, and others.
  • To ensure program monitoring and evaluation systems are in place and programming is reviewed based on results and emerging needs.
  • To develop in-depth knowledge of the structure and systems in place within the Psychosocial Programs for adults and families, identifying gaps and aspects of programming that need to develop or adapt. Work closely with the Director of Psychosocial Department and Program Coordinators to address programming needs.
  • To build and maintain strong collaborative relationships with the other Psychosocial Department Programs, and Programs with other StARS departments.
  • To actively search for services and alternative solutions in response to limitations in provision for refugees in Cairo.
  • To communicate with refugee communities, liaise with other service providers and UNHCR to enhance services and opportunities for clients and communities.
  • To revise the strategy of Psychosocial Department Programs for adults and families in response to the changing needs of refugees and operational context, and participate in annual work planning and strategic planning.


  • To provide leadership and support to staff across Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To provide direct supervision to the Coordinators of Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To provide regular program management supervision (at least on a monthly basis) for Coordinators of Psychosocial Department Programs, ensuring supervision systems are in place for all Psychosocial Department staff working under these programs.
  • To carry out regular performance evaluation and annual appraisals for Coordinators of Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To assist in recruitment and training of Coordinators and staff in Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To provide guidance and recommendations for further action in response to cases and issues facing refugee communities.
  • To ensure that all members of Psychosocial Department Programs carry out tasks in accordance with StARS’ policies, procedures, and standards, in particular ethics, conduct, confidentiality, anti- discrimination, and the prevention of sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse.
  • To identify the need for disciplinary procedures, to refer these to the Director of Psychosocial Department, and to support disciplinary procedures being administered as needed.

Policy and Advocacy

  • To monitor policies and external developments affecting refugees in Egypt, paying special attention to particularly vulnerable or marginalized groups.
  • To advocate on salient protection issues relating to urban refugees.
  • To identify issues requiring advocacy and to raise these with the Director of Psychosocial Department and other relevant staff.

Finance and Administration

  • To ensure that program Coordinators follow financial procedures as outlined by the Director of Psychosocial Department and StARS management.
  • To ensure systematic recording of program activities is in place in compliance with monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and reporting requirements.
  • To ensure recording of personnel information and documents, leave, and work hours of Psychosocial Department staff in programs for adults and families.

Communication and Reporting

  • To communicate regularly with the Director of Psychosocial Department, reporting on all major issues and developments in the field and within Psychosocial Department programs for adults and families.
  • To meet monthly with the Director of Psychosocial Department, and at other times as needed, regarding the work of Psychosocial Department Programs.
  • To seek guidance and supervision as necessary.
  • To undergo probation and regular performance appraisals.
  • To be an active member of the leadership team and to provide all necessary support to program directors (and deputy directors) and to StARS.
  • To provide monthly and quarterly reports to the Director of Psychosocial Department, as requested, including on problems and solutions, supervision issues, case studies, statistics, and notes on progress towards implementation of the strategic plan.
  • To contribute input on Psychosocial Department activities for adults and families to grant proposals and donor reports.
  • To submit other activity reports as requested.
  • To promote information sharing within Psychosocial Department and StARS on all issues affecting the populations we serve.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Working Hours: The Deputy Director of Psychosocial Department is expected to be at work for 40 hours per week), between the hours of 9am and 5pm, from Sunday to Thursday. Longer hours, evening and weekend work are sometimes necessary. Work will be conducted both in StARS premises and also in refugee communities and centers.

Supervised by: Director of Psychosocial Department.

Salary: 16,100 EGP/month, rising to 17,850 EGP/month following successful completion three-month probationary period. Plus 4,020 EGP/year Health Coverage and 100 EGP/month Saving Scheme Contribution upon completion of probationary period.

Additional official benefits as stipulated in StARS Staff Handbook Guidelines.

This position is subject to a three-month probationary period, at which time the employee’s performance will be reviewed and probation may be extended.

Closing date for applications: 17 April 2023

Anticipated Starting date: As soon as possible.

How to apply

To apply: Please send your Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] using the subject line “Deputy Director of Psychosocial Department”.

***Note:***Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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