NURSING OFFICER MAICAO, URIBIA-GUAJIRA At Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion

Contribute to the protection and training of vulnerable women and girls in the context of human mobility and the risk of violence and epidemics.

Specific Missions & Responsibilities

Specific objectives of the function:

  1. Identify and focus the target population in the communities of Uribia and Maicao to facilitate comprehensive care for the beneficiaries within the framework of the project’s objectives.
  2. Train community midwives in safe childbirth.
  3. Establish baselines, review or creation of action protocols in case of emergency and care pathways for safe deliveries.
  4. Create and deliver hygiene kits for deliveries.
  5. Prepare active methodologies and accessible awareness raising materials (considering the context), focused on health awareness and sexual and reproductive rights.
  6. Train leaders in community health including sexual reproductive health (SRH)
  7. Referring to other humanitarian organizations or institutions the beneficiaries who present other basic needs that cannot be met by HI given the scope of its intervention.
  8. Technically lead the nursing assistants.

The selected collaborator must safeguard and keep confidential all the information to which they have access in the development of their contract, guaranteeing the protection of data established by HI, the implementing partners and the donor(s). of the project. Similarly, it is committed to mandatory compliance with the institutional Safeguard and Protection policies. The organization has a zero tolerance policy towards exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment, in all its forms, of women, children and all other vulnerable people.

Mission 1: Operational implementation – support the measurable achievement of the objectives set for the projects under responsibility within the framework of HI’s internal and external requirements

Responsibility 1: Support the implementation of projects under the responsibility of the JdP, in accordance with existing institutional frameworks

 Contribute to the planning and preparation of activities, tools and associated resources, and implement the action plan together with the support services and the technical unit.

• Ensure that activities are implemented and that resources are allocated correctly as authorized by the GoP.

• Ensure regular reporting of activities and contribute to internal and external reports as requested by the GoP

• Contribute to identify areas of the project in which adjustments are required and propose adaptations.

• Contribute to the drafting of modification requests when requested

• Contribute to coordination with local stakeholders and monitoring of the partnership relationship with project partners.

• Ensure that project documents and information are properly filed.

Responsibility 2: Contribute to project monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning

 Contribute to the follow-up of the projects, specifically to the progress indicators of the activities and the expected results.

• Contribute to project evaluations at the request of the GoP and ensure that recommendations are followed in the project evaluation.

• Contribute to the establishment and proper functioning of accountability mechanisms.

• Contribute to project learning.

Responsibility 3: Ensure project data management

 Ensure that the appropriate data collection and management tools are in place and used correctly on the project, in line with global standards.

• Collect and compile data related to the project in the relevant database(s).

Responsibility 4: Contribute to the coordination of project teams

 As authorized by the GoP, facilitate coordination meetings between project teams and support services when necessary.

• Ensure that project teams and support teams (technical and shared services, in particular) work well together to facilitate project implementation in the country.

Mission 2: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Contribute to the programme’s emergency preparedness initiatives and, in an emergency situation, adapt your work to contribute to an effective HI humanitarian response.

How to apply

Nursing professional with 3 years of proven experience in the sector.

Experience in management of training in sexual and reproductive health, maternal health, as well as design and implementation of community awareness sessions on sexual and reproductive health.

Experience in managing groups and training dynamics and community awareness.

Experience in training and group management.

Knowledge of the community health approach.

Knowledge and experience with ethnic populations, with populations with disabilities and epidemics.

Knowledge of migration issues or with vulnerable populations, execution and/or monitoring of cooperation projects or work with public entities to care for populations in vulnerable situations.

Skills for carrying out social diagnoses, development of evaluation activities

Interested send the resume to the email: [email protected]

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